Kickstarter Add-Ons

Welcome! This page is intended for backers of the Era: Survival – Expansions into the Unknown 2 Kickstarter.


Here are the products that are available as Add-Ons, as described in the update on the main Kickstarter!

The Store will automatically charge you extra postage for them based on what you choose, so when you’re done selecting, please go to the CART button and pay via the Shades of Vengeance Store (which takes PayPal or Card).

Want another Rulebook?

Definitive Edition Rulebook – Digital (£16), Hardback (£60)
Core Rulebook – Digital (£11), Paperback (£32), Hardback (£40)
Rulebook Primer / Players Guide – Digital (£4), Paperback (£10)

Get another expansion!

Add a Paperback Expansion – £15 (for any of the new or old Expansions!)
Unlocked Expansions in Digital Format – £23 (for all of the new Expansions!)

Bonus Digital material, plus a cool 4GB Memory Card!

Shades of Vengeance Memory Card (includes any Digital Rewards you have, plus extras!) – £8

Considered a huge enhancement to the game by the majority of players…

Karma Cards

Karma Cards – Digital – £2
Karma Cards – Shrink-Wrapped – £12
Karma Cards – Tin Box – £18

Experience the sounds of Gaia!

Life on Gaia Audiobook (Audible – USAudible – UK) – £10
Life on Gaia – Tales of the Outlands Audiobook (Audible USAudible UK) – £3