Chris Jameson was the victim of a violent inner city crime when he was 8 years old, during which his parents were killed in a botched home robbery. They only stole the TV, which was found two miles down the road, chucked in a ditch.

Chris is haunted by that memory. Fear drove him for the next ten years, causing him to board up his room and walk with paranoid mistrust every day. It is a
burden he’s carried through counselling sessions, juvenile crime, the manifestation of his Empowered Abilities and beyond.

Generally bad with people, Chris doesn’t fit in with other kids his age. He has no friends either in or outside of school and is particularly clumsy around women. For him, friends are a distraction: he doesn’t see the use in pretending to laugh, or enjoy being around people who can’t possibly understand what he’s going

When he manifested Empowered Abilities, he took the name Lacuna and started to exact deadly and brutal revenge for his parents on every violent criminal he could find.

He believed that this is the way to stop his nightmares: in Lacuna’s eyes, beating up bad guys wasn’t about saving the innocent; it was a continuing series of retributions.

He never doubted this course for a moment… until he met Penumbra.

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