Hai-Xang Hayden

Beginning as a no-limits party girl, interested only in
spending her massive inheritance on luxuries and being
as drunk as possible, Hai-Xang’s self-discovery is the focus of this story.
Her friends, including Bruce “Head-Case” Hardcastle, another heir to a Consortium
company, are exactly the kind her mother doesn’t want her to have. She uses the
money she is given by the extraordinarily
rich company her mother owns to do
whatever she wants – the way a rich kid should, right?
Unfortunately for Hai-Xang, nothing lasts for ever. When her mother leaves to conduct First Contact with a new alien race, she didn’t even notice. When the message comes back the next morning that Asya, the CEO of Hayden Bank, would not be returning, the entire Consortium begins to panic. Still, Hai-Xang is
totally oblivious – she has better things to do.
When she is finally told by her assistant and bodyguard, Anna, Hai-Xang’s world shatters.
However, she rises from these shattered remains of her old life stronger
than ever. Viewing the messages left by her ancestors, the previous
heads of the company, she discovered the talent her mother had already
seen within her. Coupled with the realisation that her mother had never
expected Hai-Xang to live her life differently, and that she had, in fact,
been the same in her youth, the young woman makes a decision that
changes the course of the Consortium’s history: she agrees to be the
CEO of Hayden Bank. Her first task is to gain the support she needed from the other Big Seven companies, before restoring order to the Senate in these
trying times. Hai-Xang Hayden will one day became one of the most
memorable figures in the Consortium’s history.

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