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Penumbra: Tide


Page Count: 24

  • Penumbra was one of the first people to discover they had powers in this world.
  • Using that to her advantage, she quickly became one of the most sought-after thieves for hire.
  • While other Empowered tried to fight crime, she focused on what she wanted.
  • But everything is not always that simple, and – although she didn’t know it – Penumbra is hurtling towards a confluence of events that began with her meeting Lacuna, then Blue-Shift.
  • These adventures were chronicled in Lacuna: Revelation and Blue-Shift Frenemies, which are also available on this Kickstarter in the Empowered Volume 1, in case you missed it the first time!
  • Penumbra: Tide begins as a simple heist story!
  • Then develops into something much more, which will inevitably draw a number of heroes together to face an enemy none of them can defeat alone for the first time.

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