Join us on Kickstarter now for new and awesome Prototype Games in The Era Zone 2022!

Era d10 is a fantastically adaptable Rule Set! Over a decade, we’ve brought 10 different game lines to life with Era d10… and we’ve had dozens more ideas that we haven’t managed to publish yet! We’ve also published many issues of The Era Zone, bringing new content for each of our existing games.

Building a Tabletop RPG properly takes a while! There are many aspects to consider, from playtesting new rule ideas to artwork and setting material. But sometimes, you have a quick idea which “just works”, and it has to be put on one side for the ongoing projects. Over the years, we’ve built up a number of these concepts. We hope to publish them one day, but for now, we’re too occupied with other projects.

The Era Zone 2022 is supported by the free Era d10 Fundamentals Booklet!

Enter ZineQuest, bringing you The Era Zone 2022!

We’re not changing what The Era Zone is about – it’s a celebration of universes brought to life by Era d10. But we are changing how we deliver that! This year is going to bring you multiple new worlds to explore and new rules to play with.

We’re bringing these prototype ideas to life, supported by the community-funded Era d10 Fundamentals booklet.

Each zine will contain a unique, never-before-printed game that our team has been messing around with for anywhere up to a decade!

We’re starting with our long-awaited fantasy offering, Era: Dragonsong, and then our Era d10 Lite rule set will be introduced with the first Stretch Goal!

Get more games the more we are Funded!

The more we are funded, the more games we will be offering you in the form of Zines. We aim for every Stretch Goal to bring you a new world and game style to experience!

We have plenty of ideas, and they are detailed in the Stretch Goals of the Kickstarter.

See you there!

– Ed

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