Enter a world of full of superheroes and supervillains as you take on the trials of tabletop role-playing game Era: The Empowered. Play as one of the emerging "Empowered" who discover they are more than the average human. What will you do with your newfound superpowers? Discover more of the story through our three Empowered comic series', including Violete, Penumbra, and Lacuna.

Jump in at any time during the Era: The Empowered story, which spans 10 years. From the rise of the Empowered to the attack from Atlantis's forces and the return of the Old Gods.

We've integrated the Era d10 Rule Set with an innovative Power Tree mechanic so you can build any superpowers you want and still have a balanced experience.

Your character's backstory, quirks, morals, and powers will all play a determining factor in how you progress as a superhero. But ultimately, it's your choices that will affect the outcome of this universe.

Era: The Empowered offers hundreds of super-charged games that have been developed over a 3-year period in partnership with a 15-year veteran of the comics industry. Visit our store to secure your copy of the rulebooks and story expansions.