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When Jessica discovered that she had Empowered abilities, she was excited. Who wouldn’t be?

You might also think that she was the perfect person to get them as well: straight A’s in school, a good personal life and a happy person.

However, she quickly found that being a hero did not come as easily to her as everything else in her life. In fact, she was pretty terrible at using her powers!
After being blown away by the wind and having to hang onto buildings for dear life, then realising that, at her most dense, she could barely stand, let alone move her arms, she was rescued by Captain Speed, the city’s favourite hero speedster.
That encounter left her feeling dejected, covered in mud and out of place, almost causing her to give up.
But something inside Jessica pushed her towards being a hero, so she went back out again, only to encounter her previous quarry, a criminal who was now in a cast for his broken arm.
Another humiliation made her want to hang up her costume for ever, as Captain Speed rescued her from a flagpole several stories up and deposited on the ground, telling her that he might not be there to rescue her next time. “Being an Empowered hero is not for just anyone”, he claimed.
Jessica planned to give up before she got seriously hurt, on his advice, and headed home.
Then Dr Lightning struck and everything changed. Without his speed, the city’s hero was helpless until Drift was able to sneak in and save him.
What she witnessed the city’s hero do then was something she couldn’t tolerate. She had no idea how to address this transgression, but she knew she could just sit quite and let him be the only hero the city was aware of.
Someone had to be better. And she decided that, if there was no-one else,that someone had to be her.

Drift: Heroism

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Lobo is a skilled tactician, and that has carried him a long way: his greatest skill might be that there is almost no situation that he cannot adapt to. This has aided him no end in his fight to save his city from the drug cartels that rule it. However, his strategy often leaves something to be desired – more planning ahead of committing to a course of action would undoubtedly mean that he is safer and more certain of success. Recently, he fought a new cartel leader, known as Santa Muerte. He lost badly in a one-on-one fight, not realising that she was Empowered and was able to do some truly remarkable things. He embarked on a quest to find help –specifically Empowered help –after that defeat. After a couple of months of searching, he found a young woman with strong martial arts skills and an interesting Empowered ability, which he believed Santa Muerte would never see coming. Returning home with the young woman, who flicked between a few names before settling on Savannah,he intended to resume his quest to stop the cartels with her help. When he discovered that Santa Muerte has not been sitting idle – quite the opposite, in fact! – the pair agreed that the time had come to attack. The appearance of “bone armour” over the minions protecting Santa Muerte’s building was a surprise to Lobo, but he was undeterred, using the explosives he carries with him and Savannah’s Empowered abilities to frustrate these pseudo-Empowered individuals as they try to stop the pair. While the fight against Santa Muerte’s minions went fine, his lack of strategy once again harmed his efforts to end this fight. Faced only with poison gas and no foe, Lobo and Savannah were forced to retreat. But Lobo believes that the strange bracelet he retrieved is the key to the strange abilities they observed… and wonders whether he would be able to use it.

Lobo: Dauntless

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  • Visercal Telekinesis, giving Flight and Super Strength
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Age:
  • Favourite Colour: Purple

Viola is a top-of-her-class student, studying mythology at a university near her parents’ home. Their close relationship kept her going when she discovered that she was an Empowered. She couldn’t tell them the whole truth, but she still visits them regularly.

She has endured many hardships coming to terms with her new reality. However, she has found purpose in protecting her city from criminals as the masked hero Violete.

For several weeks, everything went well: she lent her Empowered identity a unique and memorable look with her dramatic flare and love of cosplay, and using her Empowered Abilities of flight and super strength allowed her to overcome any criminal she encountered.

She continued to split her time between her parents and her education, all the while fighting to protect her city and avoiding the police.

Violete is a friendly individual, who loves to cosplay and participate in geek culture in general in her home city. She’s also close to her parents, visiting them often for meals and spending her off days with them.

Over the short time she has been operating, law enforcement authorities have been embarrassed by her activities, particularly by her stopping of criminals and leaving them restrained just in time for officers to find. While some individuals welcomed the help, others take a dim view of her actions. As a result, an arrest warrant has been put out for her.

She never expected it to be acted on but then again, she could never have foreseen Rampage, either…



As one of the first Empowered to emerge in the world, Penumbra quickly began putting her talents to profitable use. Almost no type of property is safe from the mistress of shadows once she decides to get hold of it – her ability to control and even solidify shadows at will is a formidable one. She has learned to create specific constructs out of theshadows she forms, from bridges and walls to shielding cocoons that can protect her from many types of attack. An extremely confident individual, she enjoys the trappings of wealth that she has accumulated as her alias Christine Quezon, but she enjoys the thrill of doing the impossible even more! She’s not afraid to use her wealth to give her an edge in her various heists, even buying property in a strategic location when necessary. Penumbra is one of the most resourceful and intelligent Empowered in the world, and you can be sure that we’ll see her again soon… Or perhaps we won’t see her, but she’ll be there!



Blue-Shift is a speedster, but her life is far from easy. Beth Sanders has recently moved to a new city, away from her family and friends: the only way to be sure she wouldn’t be recognised as Blue-Shift after discovering her Empowered Abilities. She’s isolated and alone, so it’s only natural she should look for someone to spend time with... After meeting someone online, they agreed to have a meal together in real life and get to know each other. When Beth arrived, however, someone else was there... someone who claimed to be just passing through, before disappearing into a pool of shadows without a trace. Saddened and feeling more isolated than ever, Beth decided to roam the streets as Blue-Shift. When she found a bank robbery in progress, she met her first set of Empowered criminals: Shira and Daniel. During the course of stopping the robbery, she was seriously injured. That’s when the criminals did something Beth could never have predicted: they saved her from the police and took her to their home. When she had recovered enough to leave, she realised how much of a risk they had taken... and how much she now had to trust them because they knew her secret. Her enemies had become some sort of allies...


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