Era: The Empowered – Penumbra #1

Penumbra’s debut issue. Read her first solo adventure in comics.

Penumbra, Mistress of Shadows is tasked with breaking into a club that’s the secret headquarters of a crime lord.  Will her wits and control of darkness be enough to see her through?

Penumbra is not your average hero. She doesn’t just find trouble, she actively CREATES IT, for a price. Her control over shadows as her only weapon, she will crawl through air ducts, beat up guards or vanish into the night… whatever she must do to get the job done. When she takes on a mission to acquire a small item from one of the most powerful Empowered beings in Hong Kong, she finds herself running into enemies, an old friend, and more than a few situations that’ll put her powers and her ingenuity to the test.

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