Blue-Shift is a speedster, but her life is far from easy.

Beth Sanders has recently moved to a new city, away from her family and friends: the only way to be sure she wouldn’t be recognised as Blue-Shift after discovering her Empowered Abilities. She’s isolated and alone, so it’s only natural she should look for someone to spend time with…

After meeting someone online, they agreed to have a meal together in real life and get to know each other. When Beth arrived, however, someone else was there… someone who claimed to be just passing through, before disappearing into a pool of shadows without a trace.

Saddened and feeling more isolated than ever, Beth decided to roam the
streets as Blue-Shift. When she found a bank robbery in progress, she met her first set of Empowered criminals: Shira and Daniel.

During the course of stopping the robbery, she was seriously injured. That’s when the criminals did something Beth could never have predicted: they saved her from the police and took her to their home.

When she had recovered enough to leave, she realised how much of a risk they
had taken… and how much she now had to trust them because they knew her secret.

Her enemies had become some sort of allies…

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