When Jessica discovered that she had Empowered abilities, she was excited. Who wouldn’t be?
You might also think that she was the perfect person to get them as well: straight A’s in school, a good personal life and a happy person.
However, she quickly found that being a hero did not come as easily to her as everything else in her life. In fact, she was pretty terrible at using her powers!
After being blown away by the wind and having to hang onto buildings for dear life, then realising that, at her most dense, she could barely stand, let alone move her arms, she was rescued by Captain Speed, the city’s favourite hero speedster.
That encounter left her feeling dejected, covered in mud and out of place, almost causing her to give up.
But something inside Jessica pushed her towards being a hero, so she went back out again, only to encounter her previous quarry, a criminal who was now in a cast for his broken arm.
Another humiliation made her want to hang up her costume for ever, as Captain Speed rescued her from a flagpole several stories up and deposited on the ground, telling her that he might not be there to rescue her next time. “Being an Empowered hero is not for just anyone”, he claimed.
Jessica planned to give up before she got seriously hurt, on his advice, and headed home.
Then Dr Lightning struck and everything changed. Without his speed, the city’s hero was helpless until Drift was able to sneak in and save him.
What she witnessed the city’s hero do then was something she couldn’t tolerate. She had no idea how to address this transgression, but she knew she could just sit quite and let him be the only hero the city was aware of.
Someone had to be better. And she decided that, if there was no-one else,that someone had to be her.

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