Lobo is a skilled tactician, and that has carried him a long way: his greatest skill might be that there is almost no situation that he cannot adapt to. This has aided him no end in his fight to save his city from the drug cartels that rule it.
However, his strategy often leaves something to be desired – more planning ahead of committing to a course of action would undoubtedly mean that he is safer and more certain of success.
Recently, he fought a new cartel leader, known as Santa Muerte. He lost badly in a one-on-one fight, not realising that she was Empowered and was able to do some truly remarkable things.
He embarked on a quest to find help –specifically Empowered help –after that defeat. After a couple of months of searching, he found a young woman with strong martial arts skills and an interesting Empowered ability, which he believed Santa Muerte would never see coming.
Returning home with the young woman, who flicked between a few names before settling on Savannah,he intended to resume his quest to stop the cartels with her help.
When he discovered that Santa Muerte has not been sitting idle – quite the opposite, in fact! – the pair agreed that the time had come to attack.
The appearance of “bone armour” over the minions protecting Santa Muerte’s building was a surprise to Lobo, but he was undeterred, using the explosives he carries with him and Savannah’s Empowered abilities to frustrate these pseudo-Empowered individuals as they try to stop the pair.
While the fight against Santa Muerte’s minions went fine, his lack of strategy once again harmed his efforts to end this fight. Faced only with poison gas and no foe, Lobo and Savannah were forced to retreat.
But Lobo believes that the strange bracelet he retrieved is the key to the strange abilities they observed… and wonders whether he would be able to use it.

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