• Visercal Telekinesis, giving Flight and Super Strength
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Age:
  • Favourite Colour: Purple

Viola is a top-of-her-class student, studying mythology at a university near her parents’ home. Their close relationship kept her going when she discovered that she was an Empowered. She couldn’t tell them the whole truth, but she still visits them regularly.

She has endured many hardships coming to terms with her new reality. However, she has found purpose in protecting her city from criminals as the masked hero Violete.

For several weeks, everything went well: she lent her Empowered identity a unique and memorable look with her dramatic flare and love of cosplay, and using her Empowered Abilities of flight and super strength allowed her to overcome any criminal she encountered.

She continued to split her time between her parents and her education, all the while fighting to protect her city and avoiding the police.

Violete is a friendly individual, who loves to cosplay and participate in geek culture in general in her home city. She’s also close to her parents, visiting them often for meals and spending her off days with them.

Over the short time she has been operating, law enforcement authorities have been embarrassed by her activities, particularly by her stopping of criminals and leaving them restrained just in time for officers to find. While some individuals welcomed the help, others take a dim view of her actions. As a result, an arrest warrant has been put out for her.

She never expected it to be acted on but then again, she could never have foreseen Rampage, either…

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