When Quinn Moore discovered he had the ability to change into various Humanoid forms with animalistic abilities, he didn’t want to save the world. In fact, he wanted to continue to live the quiet life with his sister.

He chose to use his powers to protect his community from the tiny number of individuals who threaten it, rather than worrying about supervillains or glory, as some other Empowered did.
For months, he has been using his enhanced speed, strength and toughness to stop violent or dangerous behaviour before anyone got hurt. He has been relatively successful so far.

However, his activities have not been as quiet as he believes – the outside world does indeed know about them, and that has attracted an Empowered who is very interested in powers, how they work and how to control them. When his entire community, including his sister, wakes up one morning with an obsession about finding Fauna, he suddenly realises that a powerful force is interested in what he is doing.
With his strength, wits and drive he is able to overcome this terrifying situation, and it seems that everyone under Jan’s influence does not remember anything.

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