Release Schedule


Kickstarter – Infiltration: The Bug War #2, Part 2

Join Liam as he finishes his quest to find out more about the enigmatic Ximians in preparation for all the inevitable war.

Violete: Unstoppable

Our critically acclaimed third comic in the Era: The Empowered universe will become available for purchase by those who missed the Kickstarter! Grab the physical or digital format!  


Kickstarter – Era: The Chosen

Legions of creatures are invading. Only the Chosen can enter the Lost Lands to fight back, and face the horror of the Anonassi…

Kickstarter – Lobo

Join our non-Empowered hero as he faces a small army, and their leader… the Empress of Bones. Will he survive his first encounter with a superhuman?

Era: The Empowered Core Rulebook

Enter the world of Terra with the complete history of the Empowered, along with everything you need for character creation and play, plus a load of sessions and GM support in the long-awaited Core Rulebook for our superhero RPG!

Era: The Consortium – Wave 2 Expansions

All of the Era: The Consortium Expansion books which were created as a result of the Kickstarter in October 2017 will become available for purchase!  


Kickstarter – Fauna

Join an Empowered with the ability to change into different animals as he tries to protect his community and his sister from the powers of a mind-controller.  


Kickstarter – Mobilisation: The Bug War #3

Enter the Bug War’s first major space battle as the Consortium’s forces mount a defence against the oncoming horde…

Kickstarter – Era: Survival – Colony

In our first co-operative card game, set in the Era: Survival universe, you must protect your colony from the Infected, other human factions and the ravages of hunger. Will you survive?  


Battlecruiser Alamo RPG

For the first time, explore space on behalf of the Triplanetary Confederation in a battlecruiser of your own in Richard Tongue’s critically-acclaimed Sci-Fi universe!