As one of the first Empowered to emerge in the world, Penumbra
quickly began putting her talents to profitable use.
Almost no type of property is safe from the mistress of shadows
once she decides to get hold of it – her ability to control and even solidify
shadows at will is a formidable one.
She has learned to create specific constructs out of theshadows she forms, from bridges and walls to shielding cocoons that can protect her from many types of attack.
An extremely confident individual, she enjoys the trappings of wealth that she
has accumulated as her alias Christine Quezon, but she enjoys the thrill of doing
the impossible even more! She’s not afraid to use her wealth to give her an edge in her various heists, even buying property in a strategic location when
necessary. Penumbra is one of the most resourceful and intelligent Empowered in the world, and you can be sure that we’ll see her again soon…
Or perhaps we won’t see her, but she’ll be there!

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